Dr. Priya Patel

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Dr. Priya Patel

Introducing Dr. Priya Patel, DMD, a compassionate dentist dedicated to transforming smiles and enhancing the overall well-being of her patients.

In 2019, she entered the field of dentistry with a passion for positively impacting lives. With credentials from North Penn High School, Temple University, and the Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry, she embarked on a journey fueled by a commitment to excellence.

During her academic pursuits, she was honored to be a Maurice H. Kornberg Scholarship Recipient from 2015-2019, a testament to my dedication to achieving excellence in dental education.

What sets her apart is not just her academic background but the joy she finds in creating meaningful connections with her patients. She takes immense satisfaction in restoring confidence through beautiful smiles, alleviating pain, and improving overall oral health.

Patients appreciate her commitment to their comfort, trust, and satisfaction. Creating a welcoming and supportive environment, she prioritizes clear communication and personalized care. By understanding their concerns, answering questions, and tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, she aims to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Her dedication to their well-being and the exceptional care she provides set the foundation for a positive and empowering dental journey.

In her leisure moments, Dr. Priya Patel cherishes her family, a vibrant and multigenerational unit of six, steeped in love and laughter. With three generations contributing their wisdom and warmth, her family includes caring parents, adorable grandparents, and a younger sibling whose boundless energy adds a dynamic touch to their gatherings.

She takes great joy in working for the dental practice she’s chosen because it aligns perfectly with her values and aspirations. Patient care is the top priority, reflecting her commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive dental services. The supportive and collaborative work environment allows continual growth and skill expansion in dentistry. Being part of a team dedicated to making a positive impact on our patients’ lives brings me immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

Dr. Priya Patel is not just a dentist but a compassionate professional dedicated to transforming smiles and enhancing the overall well-being of her patients.